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Featured photograph (taken by Aaron Bissen): Unedited preparations by Gina Jacobson for Gina Jacobson’s/CL Designs’ article “Lovely & Local” by Editor Konnie LeMay in Lake Superior Magazine’s June/July 2019 issue. This sunroom redo involved local investment pieces and products only. Order your copy here and go to the Lake Superior Living section to read the piece. To begin your own residential or commercial interior design process with CL Designs, get started here.

Whether you are looking for a residential or commercial layout, CL Designs can help!


Layouts: This individual service is available on its own for a limited time only and includes a 3D, 1-Room Furniture and Accessory Placement Plan.


Layouts + Materials Selections: For a more detailed Interior Design Plan, CL Designs will pick your products for you.


If you purchase 3 or more Layouts, or 3 or more Layouts + Materials Selections, you will receive a 20% discount on your price. As always, Full-Service Interior Design Services are available, as well.





Residential Consultations * A Specialty of CL Designs’

Full-Service Residential Interior Design

Residential Interior Design

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Seasonal Residential Interior Design 

Seasonal Residential Selections and Styling

Seasonal Residential Styling



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Full-Service Commercial Interior Design

Commercial Interior Design

Full-Service Seasonal Commercial Interior Design

Seasonal Commercial Interior Design

Seasonal Commercial Selections and Styling

Seasonal Commercial Styling


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Interior Design Available Nationwide

Seasonal Interior Design Available Nationwide