Even if you have worked with an interior designer before, you may be surprised to hear about how Gina works at CL Designs.

Photo: Gina Jacobson, Principal, CL Designs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process?

Start by filling out the questionnaire on the Get Started page. This way, Gina will know your preferences and the general scope of your project from the beginning.

From there, the two of you will agree on services.

Services can include consultations, floor plans, material selections (choosing products for you), purchasing and expediting (ordering and handling interactions with vendors), construction phase design guidance, and styling and finishing your space. As a side note, there is always the option for individual services, although there is a price and time benefit for you for buying several services at once.

Depending on your project, each service can take anywhere from 2 meetings to 2 months of work. Deliverables will be carefully spelled out for you and timelines will be adhered to and clear.

Once services have been rendered, Gina may ask for photographs of the space. However, your wishes and privacy will always be priority number one and the project will not be attributed to you by name or photographed, if that is what you prefer.

When should I start creating my design plan?

Once you know that you will be embarking on a project, contact Gina to begin. Having a design plan (and, often, products on site) before booking a contractor will save you money and make things run much more smoothly for both you and your contractor.

How much will my project cost?

Each project is different, but there are some similarities, overall.

It is wise to budget 7-20% of the project’s total for design fees, and to keep in mind that the cost of products is separate from the cost of design services from Gina at CL Designs.

For more information on any of the topics covered here, or to schedule your design services, contact Gina at Hello@CLdesignsFit.com or begin on the Get Started page!

CL Designs is innovative, ecologically conscious, and thoughtful! I love what Gina has done with all of her designs.”

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