Seasonal Commercial Selections and Styling

Featured photograph by Julia Graylow Photography. Seasonal Selections and Styling by Gina Jacobson, CL Designs, using only fine art investment pieces from the area and local, organic, non-toxic products. For more about this project, click here. Start your Seasonal Commercial Selections and Styling services from CL Designs below, or your Seasonal Residential Selections and Styling services here. For smaller projects, visit Seasonal Commercial Styling here or Seasonal Residential Styling here.


Seasonal Commercial Selections and Styling – 1 Season


S e a s o n a l   C o m m e r c i a l   S e l e c t i o n s   a n d   S t y l i n g – $2100 1 season, per area;  or a discounted price of $7740 for all 4 seasons bought at once
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Of-the-moment decor and accessories arrangement, based specifically on the lifestyle and products of your chosen season. Close attention paid to increasing profitability, productivity and employee retention. Includes:
     Design Plan
     Materials Selections
*** Cost of furnishings, fixtures and accessories not included.


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