Feng Shui • Office 

CL Designs created Off the Cuff Accounting and Red Oak Asset Management’s office waiting room with Mid-Century Modern styling, Traditional Feng Shui principles and Green Design tenets in mind.  Since it is a windowless room, Gina focused on producing as much of a natural sunlight feel as possible, and was careful to bring crisp, clean elements into what may have easily become a heavy space.  With nature as the inspiration, she kept the floor the darkest, the walls midtones and the ceiling the lightest.  Certain pieces had to be incorporated from the beginning and Gina used them as the starting points for the rest of the room.  Eco-friendly decor, fresh foliage, and a custom floor plan and light (pendant handmade by CL Designs) come together in this waiting room for interest and effectiveness.

To inquire or book a meeting, email hello@cldesignsfit.com or fill out the form below.

CL Designs Duluth, MN, USA 608.556.1887

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